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Mission, Vision, Values


Our Mission is to create conditions to allow youngsters and adults to access to a high-quality Vocational Training program, boost fraternal relationships among us and consider continuous training comprehensively from the perspective of Dolores Sopeña.


Consequently, our vision is aimed to train the best professionals according to the style of Sopeña. Our main values are:
- A high-recognition of our educational work on behalf of companies and other social agents.
- A wide range offer of Training programs.
- TA dynamic project adapted to social and humane needs from the perspective of Dolores Sopeña.
- Our accessible location by bus, train, car parks, etc. that allows a perfect combination of training courses and personal or work life.
- Our willingness towards respect, service and availability.
- Our humane quality that respects our student self-development through a methodology based on Action-Reflection-Action.


All these values are based on the following principles:
  • - "Go out and Find” - , in the sense to accompany our students and guide them through their personal and professional growth.
  • - “Win their Hearts” - , from the example of our own personal daily lives.
  • - "Reach Out " - We go where we are most needed.
  • - "Promotion" - We help people grow and get the best out of each other.
  • - "Solidarity" - We create channels for mutual help.
  • - “Fraternity” - , in the sense of one´s integration in society contributing their human and professional qualities.