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The Opportunity to Improve

superior degree professional training

Our Higher Degree Training Cycles will provide you with a degree of specialization, which will allow you to coordinate work teams and perform technical supervision tasks.

If you want to be a specialized Senior Technician, consult our courses and start training in what companies need from you.


If you want to learn a technical profession oriented to professional development as a team, our Middle Degree Training Cycles are the best option for inserting yourself in the workplace and developing professionally.

During two courses we train you so that the company finds in you the professional it needs. Enter and consult our offer to become a technician and enter the world of work!


If you want to learn a trade and begin to develop in Professional Training, the Basic Professional Technician title will allow you to grow professionally, subsequently accessing the intermediate level training cycles and / or obtaining the Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education.


Our blended and distance training offer will allow you to combine your studies with your work and personal life.

We open training to your life, we break barriers and we adapt to you so that you continue to improve yourself professionally, grow in your work or reconcile your personal life while you form and grow as a person.

If you want to turn your life around and need the training to adapt to you, this is the opportunity to improve yourself!

internships in companies

More than 250 collaborating companies in which our students carry out their Training in Work Centers every year make your training as a Sopeña student a practical training adapted to the company.

All our training cycles have internships in companies, which together with the possibility of studying in dual modality links us to the company, adapting our educational plans to the demands of the labor market.

Whether you are a future student or a company, we want to be your VET center!


If you also want to live international experiences, Sopeña centers are what you are looking for. Train as a Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education in Italy, as a Pharmacy and Parapharmacy Technician in Ireland, as a Basic Professional Technician in Administrative Services in France, etc …

As a Sopeña student, you have the possibility to do your Training in Work Centers in Europe and live experiences, to meet new cultures and people while you grow up and become an Erasmus professional. Do you dare to live it?

Concerted VET Institute in Seville

Dolores Sopeña Foundation is not only a Professional Training Center in Seville, we are an international private institution, of Catholic inspiration and that tries to favor and improve people’s living conditions.

We train future workers who improve society and make it more just, who are supportive and who are people with a critical and active spirit.

Our Sopeña de Sevilla Centers are centers arranged with the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, which means that all our face-to-face teachings are 100% free in the case of Basic Vocational Training Cycles and Undergraduate Training Cycles Medium, or they have a minimum cost in the case of Higher Level Training Cycles.

We seek excellence in our students and for this reason we are certified with the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard in our way of proceeding, while we believe in improving society from the implementation of values ​​that will make you grow personally and professionally. .

professional training seville
junta andalucia concerted centers
junta andalucia concerted centers

An educational center for the future

Quality Teaching

Our objectives is the quality training of students for their employment in companies that demand professionals in different sectors.

The face-to-face and online teaching methods that we use together with the continuous training of teachers, make us an ideal education center to develop your potential in the workplace or to start your own project.

Commitment to Our Students

At the FP Dolores Sopeña institute we are a family, we are committed to helping all students achieve happiness thanks to a dignified and quality education. We get involved in their professional development, with the help of our job bank and collaborations with private companies.

High level teaching team

Dolores Sopeña Institute is made up of more than 50 teachers in the province of Seville and 2,000 worldwide.

Committed to an exemplary education of students in Christian values, equality, cooperation, respect and social integration.

Opinions of Our Students

An excellent Center. Dedicated teachers, good harmony, you end up being a great professional. I was delighted to complete the Higher Degree in Comprehensive Aesthetics and Wellbeing. And I would like to highlight Mª Antonia, for being a great teacher. Thanks from my heart.

The best two years of my life and I wish I had continued studying there. Without a doubt, a great place where not only do they treat you well, but you feel like one of them.

The opinion of each one is influenced by many factors, but something that cannot be denied is that it is a very good educational center, from the teaching system and teachers to the cleaning staff. A highly recommended professional training center.

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