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Avanced Degree

The Superior Degree Voccational Degrees are considered the best way to be specifically trained for the workforce in their profesional field.

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Vias of access:

You can study an avanced degree when you have one of the following:

Direct access:
  • High School Bachlorette degree.
  • Superior Technical Degree or Technical Specialist degree.
  • Has passed the course for university orientation (COU) or pre-university (PREU).
  • Has obtained a university degree or equivalent.
Access by exam (for those who don´t have any of the above requirements):
  • Has passed the entrance exam to superior vocational degrees (it requires that the student be at least 19 years old in the year that they complete the exam, or 18 years old if they are in possession of an intermediate degree related with what you desire to sign up for).