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Administration and Finances Advanced Degree

Duration of the course:

2000 hours

Offered at:
Juan de Vera (FP Dual)    Proyecto Dual
San Pablo (FP Dual)

In class lecture courses

What will I learn?
  • To process internal and external documentation in the various departments of a company.
  • To elaborate documents and written communications using information obtained by the company as detected needs.
  • To classify, register and file documents according to the appropriate techniques and the established parameters in the company.
  • To organize and carry out the administrative business process in relation to the commercial, finance, accounting and fiscal areas, with an integrated vision.
  • To carry out the accounting and fiscal paperwork of a company, according to the administrative processes and procedures applying the norm and law and in security and quality conditions.
What can I do after I finish my studies?

After studying this professional degree, students will be able to work in any size company in various sectors working as an administrator in various departments. Students will particularly be able to work in different sectors as a public administrator and perform administrative tasks in the organization and consultancy in different fields such as marketing, accounting and fiscal areas. In addition, students will be able to work in customer service and be able to carry out administrative tasks for the public and organizing files and the communications of a company.

Professional Opportunities
  • Administrative in Public Administration
  • Administrative in accounting, fiscal, paperwork and legal consultants.
  • Manager in Customer Service
  • Specialist in billing paperwork.