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Personal Image Consultancy Advanced Degree

Duration of the course:

1700 hours

Offered at:
Juan de Vera (FP Dual)    Proyecto Dual

In class lecture courses

What will I learn?
  • Promote the personal image of an individual and their surroundings by adjusting all aspects of their appearance, behavior and surroundings to different situations. As well as modifying conducts and activities to improve the overall image and look of a person. All of this should be carried out with the means of applying the professional techniques and protocol of aesthetics, cosmetology, hairstyling, wardrobe, expressions and body language.
  • Carry out the administration and commercialization of a small business dedicated to personal image consultancy. As well as incorporate oneself in a multitasking team to optimize the company's agenda and goals, under the corresponding supervision of the company.
What can I do after I finish my studies?

Once students finish their studies, they will be able to work as a personal image consultant or any profession related to the sector. As well, students will have the ability to create their own business.

Professional Opportunities
  • Personal Image Constulant.
  • Protocol Constulant.
  • Public Relations Professional