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Pre-School Education (FP Dual)

What will I learn?
  • To program, design and carry out educational procedures and social attention with children and their families.
  • To utilize resources and procedures in order to help children and their families according to their needs, and that may require participation from professionals or other services.
  • To maintain actual and up-to-date scientific and technical knowledge utilizing existing resources for the education during one´s lifetime.
  • To maintain fluid relations with children and their families, group member in which they are integrated and with other professionals. Show social abilities and have the capacity in handling cultural diversity and resolve conflicts that occur in the workplace.
What can I do after I finish my studies?

Once students finish they studies, they will be able to work as a pre-school educator for children 0-6 years old. Students will have the ability to design, apply and evaluate educational projects for the initial years of preschool education. In addition, students will be able to create their own business in the early-interventional education field.

Professional Opportunities
  • Early-Intervention educator in the first level of pre-school.
  • Educator in institutions or in specific work programs with children less than 6 years old in a delicate social situation or in means of family help.
  • Educator in programs or activities that involve sports and play time with children younger than 6 years old: play centers, culture houses, libraries, educational centers, free play and garden schools.