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When we think of a Dependency Technician we almost always think of the people who care for and attend to our elders, but this cycle is something more, it is respect, it is empathy, it is professionalism and affection to serve the people we love the most, that we love the most. they have given and that they need us most at this time in their lives.

The Middle Degree Training Cycle of Attention to People in a Dependency Situation at a distance will train you in all this so that the people who need you receive the best of you, combining professionalism and values ​​in a profession that needs both.

In addition to living legally to practice the profession and being able to develop both in home care and in care in integration centers, centers for the disabled or centers for the elderly, this cycle in distance mode will allow you to combine face-to-face and online classes in a way that you can also continue with your work if you are already working or reconcile it with your personal life.

Being able to study and work at the same time, take care of your family and study at your own pace, save time, money, minimize travel or gain flexibility are some of the reasons why this distance cycle is adapted to you.

At the Sopeña Online Center you can study this cycle by coming in person only on Mondays to develop the practical part and the rest of the week you can do it remotely, at your own pace, with a professional follow-up that will allow you to obtain this 100% official and approved title .

Do not hesitate! If you want to become a qualified professional, we adapt to you, enter and enroll.

Monday: 16: 00-20:30
Tuesday-Friday: Online

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